PawaHy Isotonic Instant Energy Drink, Endurance Workout Electrolyte Energy Drink with 2:1:1 BCAA, Electrolytes and L-Glutamine- 1kg -Green Apple

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  • PROMOTES LASTING ENDURANCE WITH LESS FATIGUE: Our Energy Booster Powder is formulated with the highest quality nutrients to replenish lost energy, speed up recovery and reduce fatigue to take your training to heights like never before
  • SUSTAINED ENERGY CARBOHYDRATES: PawaHy Rapid Energy Booster has 13.3 Gms of carbohydrates per serving to release sustained energy during training or competition. Helps you achieve your fuelling needs for cycling, running, swimming and all other endurance sports. Contains a blend of an easily digestible and quick supply of Carbohydrates, BCAA (2:1:1) as well as electrolytes that promote optimal hydration and energy
  • ADVANCED CRAMP RELIEF FORMULA: Feel the rush of electrolytes rehydrating every cell in your muscles and vitamins to help reduce cramps while you endeavour to give your best
  • BASED ON CLINICAL SCIENCE in sports nutrition, our rapid energy booster compresses findings of studies on athletic performance, physical strength & exercise recovery into one unifying formula
  • FLAVORS YOU WILL LOVE: You can enjoy one of our 4 delicious flavours without having to worry about having that bitter aftertaste
  • HOW TO USE : Mix 1 scoop (15Gm) in 250ml water and consume during training or workouts