Posted by Team Meneki on 27th Dec 2020


Hydration is one of the most important and also at the same time very often neglected area by athletes. Water makes around 60 percent of body. When an athlete trains/works out or competes, fluid loss occurs mostly through sweat. This loss of fluid needs to be replaced and if not done at regular intervals whether it be during training or competition it may lead to dehydration. Dehydration reduced the volume of blood circulating through our body and as a result of which:

  • The amount of blood pumped by the body decreases
  • Muscles do not receive enough supply of oxygen
  • Fatigue sets in which directly impacts performance

As per research loss of as little as 2% of total body weight can negatively affect athletic performance. For example, if a 70 kg athlete loses 1.4 kgs during a workout or competition, the ability to perform at peak is reduced due to dehydration.Hence, proper fluid reload is the key to preventing dehydration, reducing the risk of heat injury during training sessions/ competition and in effect reducing the negative impact on performance.

So don't wait, make hydration one of the key focus areas!